What you get 


Reasons for hiring a professional photographer and what you get for your money:

  • My time, skills & experience, which I will use to get the photographs you want.

  • Post-production and editing.

  • Use of specialist editing software.

  • Professional kit – including cameras, lenses and lighting.

  • Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.   


If you are investing in a conference, you will have a plan for how you’ll use photos from the event, whether it is in marketing materials or for following up attendees. Professional photographs will project the best possible image of your company

or organisation. 



Corporate event or conference photography.


Staff shots – formal, informal, simple backdrop or office environment etc.


I have experience of producing short video pieces to camera, ideal for vlogging or for monthly/quarterly investor and stakeholder updates.


If you shoot the video, but just want it editted – topped and tailed with logo added – I can do that too.     




I (as the photographer) own the copyright on the images I take, as set out in the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988 (see www.ipo.gov.uk for more).


Once I’ve finished my work, sent you the final files and accounts have been settled you will be able to use your images globally across a range of media from websites to printed materials. The images will be exclusive to you for use, under an implied license. A written license can be supplied upon request.


If you pass images on to a third party to use, other than for the promotion of your business, you should let me know. For third party use, images may need to be attributed to me and/or a fee may be payable.    



For events, conferences and working on location, I charge a flat day rate, plus expenses. I avoid double booking on a day, as I want to do the best job possible by focussing on one assignment.


Photos and video both require editing (post production). If I spend a day photographing a conference, I’ll spend best part of a day editing. If you film your own vodcast, but want to send it to me for editing in my studio, that’s fine too. I’ll charge either the standard day, half day or hourly rate, whichever is cheaper. For all jobs you’ll need a quote tailored to your requirements, but here is a rough guide to my rates: 


1 day conference photography, with editing: £700 

2 day conference photography, with editing: £1100

Standard Day rate: £550

Half Day rate: £350

Hourly rate £125.